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видео-интервью с Дэвидом Лайонсом

As mentioned before, we visited the Texas filming location of Revolution last week and came back with interviews with many of the fan favorite actors seen in the show. Today, we share our interview with David Lyons, the man who brings Sebastian Monroe to life.
We may have more to share from Mr. Lyons later - we had to edit this video down a bit, as much of what he had to talk about was somewhat spoilery. But for now, take a look at the interview video; some quotes can be found below:

Revolution - Season 2"In Connor, Monroe sees a lot of himself," Lyons said about Monroe's son who is a recent addition to the show. "He sees a lot of missed opportunity in terms of his own character, where he came from, what he went through, the loneliness that he experiences, and I think in Connor, he sees his own legacy. And that kind of comes across in a lot of the things he says to him, and as a result, as long as he knows that that flame has been passed to Connor, he's willing to bow out, because the Monroe name lives on, and I think that outside of this what a lot of people have suggested might be a megalomaniacal quest for power, I think at the end of it, there is a lonely 'who am I? What am I?' in regards to this world. What am I leaving behind? I think Connor represents that, and I think that fight represents that as well."
Revolution - Season 2Connor will also represent something else to Monroe, as being able to do things that Monroe can't for various reasons. One of those things is a deeper relationship with Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos), who Monroe has spent a lot of time with this season. In the new episode this Wednesday, Monroe tells Connor to find love -- but not to find it with Charlie. Why is that? Could it be because Monroe himself might have something deeper for Charlie?
"I think there's a really fascinating concept of Monroe having - I'm not sure what they are, but there's something in Charlie that he sees," Lyons said. "Now - how do I say this delicately? - I think that there is an element of jealousy there, and the jealousy comes not only in regards to Charlie, but also in regards to his son being able to do that; give himself over to someone, to be loved, and to love. I think that maybe it comes from a place of jealousy, but overall, I think it comes from a place of wanting to feel 100% and wholly in love, because Monroe's has never felt it. I don't think that he'll ever feel it with Charlie, given her relationship with Miles, with Rachel, with everything… he just won't be accepted into that group, and I think in the paternal sense, he's saying [to Connor] 'go find something that I never had, and don't find it in her'," Lyons told us.
"I'd like to think that anyone is, and I think that playing in character, you have to assume that they are, but it's just how hard you have to dig in order to find it. I think that in Monroe, it would take not only a massive leap of faith and a bridge in him, but also in someone else. He would only be able to love someone as much as they are prepared to love him. And when you are the former dictator of a megalomaniacal regime such as the Monroe Republic, it would be very difficult for anyone to say, like "let's go on a couple of dates and see where this is going to go." So is Monroe capable of feeling it? Yes, but only so much as someone is capable of giving him."
Any other spoilers? "I think one of the biggest spoilers is the fact that I'm still here talking about it," he teased.
Come back soon for more Revolution interviews and don't miss the series' return this Wednesday, February 26 on NBC!
Disclaimer: Travel arrangements for our Revolution set visit were provided by Warner Bros. Television.


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